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LEMIS Process appoints RMI a distributor for its range of density, level viscosity and flow products.

LEMIS Process manufactures a range of modern vibrating element density and viscosity sensors for portable, bench top, process and tank measurements.

The sensors are very compact but because they use a small cylinder vibrated in its hoop more at around 4.5kHz, they are very accurate and fast responding; the high frequency of operation (much higher than any comparable sensors) not only allows for excellent resolution and fast response times, it also ensures a high degree of immunity to process and pipe borne noise. This means they can operate successfully in very high noise environments such as enclosed machinery spaces.

Density is derived from the resonant frequency of operation and viscosity from the bandwidth (the sensors vibrate alternately at frequencies above and below the resonant frequency - bandwidth is a function of the difference which change with viscosity).

The sensors are also available to provide gas density measurements.

Special systems are available for LPG and LNG sampling and testing together with concentration meters for battery acids.

Tank dipping sensors combine a tape measure (with electronic depth recording) with a submersible sensor for density and viscosity measurement and that will also detect the liquid air interface and any liquid liquid interfaces where there exists a density or viscosity difference. Data collected can be Blue Tooth transmitted to a hand held PC for data logging and analysis.

This range of new sensors is highly advanced and provides a new benchmark for process density and viscosity measurement.

The sensor design is especially suited to small diameter low flow installations.

Please contact either Razaghi Meyer International or LEMIS Process for technical information, news  and applications histories and for assistance with your project.

These sensors are ideal for fuels, lubricants and hydraulics, inks paints and a wide range of chemical and petrochemical applications.

Portable Tank Dipping Density/viscosity sensor with Blue tooth and remote hand held PC

A density meter specifically designed for measurement of LNG/LPG samples with sample collection system.

Tank level and density measurement for above and below ground storage tanks.

Tank/ or large diameter pipe density/viscosity transmitter

Gas Density transmitter

Process Density/Viscosity transmitter

Refractive index concentration meters (designed for submarine battery condition monitoring)

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