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You may download spreadsheets, brochures and questionnaires from here. In some instances clicking download may take you to a contact form meaning that the download will be sent to your email address.

The spreadsheets are locked to prevent inadvertent changes to the calculations but some people like to adapt them to their own use, in which case the password can be sent on completion of the  contact form.

Conference papers and articles are available from RMI on request.  

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Calculation of density at a reference temperature from the density at the process temperature or the reverse with option for hydrometer corrections and based on the Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards calculations.

The current spreadsheet is  Density 12MF.xls  which replaces the previous published Density 12MD.xls and now resolves the issues regarding Volume Correction factor and has modified the naming of properties to conform to ASTM D1298.

There is an associated users guide for this which is available by emailing.

Fuel temperature Vs Viscosity calculation based on ASTM D341 including calculation of Ignition Index (BSA MA100) and two different EVT values (Equi-Viscous Temperature values or fuel injection temperatures): RMI ASTM D341 Rev01.xls


Various other viscosity calculations for hydrocarbons available on request:: send and email for details.

If you have downloaded and used any of these spreadsheets your feedback will be appreciated. Also, if you want to be advised of changes or additions, please email for details.


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