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Razaghi Meyer specialises in process analyser systems.

Typically it is the high accuracy density and viscosity sensors that warrant a turnkey system. It makes little sense to purchase a precision instrument only to fail to achieve the necessary level of performance by compromising the installation, something that is too easy to do without the necessary skills and experience.

Manufacturers recommendations are usually intended to ensure a trouble free installation no matter what the application or the process. Inevitably this involves some compromises and Invariably there are some applications or conditions that are not optimally served by the standard recommendations.

Density systems are the most straightforward but getting the best value for money means choosing the right sensor, identifying the best means to install the sensor and commissioning it correctly.

Viscosity systems are, however, more complex and in the majority of analytical measurements some form of design support is required. An analytical measurement is where the viscosity must be reported at a reference temperature even though the measurement is made at some other and probably variable temperature. Behavioural measurements are far less complex as the viscosity measured and reported is the viscosity at the process temperature.

Density is one of the more commonly deployed measurements for process control whether as a direct measurement of as an indirect measurement but viscosity less common simply because until the advent of the digital viscometer, many critical viscosity measurements have been made by taking samples to the laboratory rather than making them online.

In the sections on systems there is therefore much more to be said about viscosity than about density.

Where other measurements are required, or other sensors, Razaghi Meyer will also provide the necessary selection assistance and system design service as and when required.

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