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Analytical Measurements

Most processes can be resolved into one of a very few discrete types, separating, mixing and reacting, in many of which  density and viscosity represent suitable control parameters. In other cases some other process measurement may need to be used.

Thus, for example, evaporation is the the process of reducing the proportion of the liquid component in a mixture of the liquid and suspended solids, increasing the solids content. Evaporation is thus a common process in many industries but from one industry to another the conditions will vary significantly.

Product identification and quality assessment account for the bulk of the remaining applications such as interface detection and meter correction.

What is different from one application to another is the industry, the fluids and the process conditions. It is these variations that make each application unique and where differences in the measurement solution arise.

For example, heavy fuel oil heating, to control the viscosity, is an important application in the marine and power industries. In the marine industry the fuel is injected into an engine and in the power industry to a burner nozzle. It may be the same fuel and the applications virtually identical but where the Marine industry has a history of successful viscosity measurement going back 30 years or more, in burner applications viscosity measurement has been very problematic and temperature has been used for heater control.

It is this which makes it vital to use a specialist company; one that understands the processes, the conditions and the application objectives and that knows what instruments to use and how to make them work optimally.

Some typical applications are illustrated on this site. Razaghi Meyer has the skills to address many more applications in many more industries.

Viscosity Applications:

RMI Viscosity systems are primarily for analytical measurement of viscosity, but behavioural measurements are often also critically dependent on system design and instrument selection.

These are some typical applications for viscosity analysers, for more information on any particular application, please complete the request form on the contact page.

Density Applications:

Once mainly restricted to fiscal applications, densitometers are increasingly used in a wide range of industries and applications as the range of instruments, prices and performance expands.

These are typical density meter applications (including inline, side of pipe insertion and long stem fork sensors for top of tank insertion) where RMI skills and system design will be of value :

Industries served:

RMI systems and solutions are available to a wide variety of industries from Oil & gas, Brewing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and general process industries.

 If you have a difficult or important application, see how Razaghi Meyer can help.

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