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Currently MARPOL relies on  the operator to accurately and honestly report fuel quality and emissions. It has to be expected that it will soon become mandatory to use inline measurement and automatic data logging for reasons of verifcation.

The obvious solution is as indicated in the various reports to the EU and others which is to use inline density and Xray Fluorescence sulphur analysers.

The alternative is to adopt the fuel oil heater control viscometer data to provide automatic fuel identification from the fuel density and viscosity fingerprints and then to report the density and sulphur content from the fuel quality certificates.

The Integrity approach exploits the fuel oil heater control viscometer already installed and the current requirements of MARPOL to report laboratory determined values for density and sulphur content. This is obviousl much more affordable and far less problematic than installing direct density measurement systems and online sulhur analysers at each enine.

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