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Density  measurement is a well understood  and in most cases the installation can safely be designed in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual.

In some applications however, specialist support is recommended to optimise the measurement success.

Typically, such support is only required where the instrument capability warrants it ie. high accuracy measurements.

Most density measurements are analytical and it is the density at a reference temperature that is required. The exceptions are usually associated with flow measurement such as fiscal metering where the density is sometimes required at the process temperature.

In the case of viscosity the terms “Direct” and “Indirect” referred to how the base viscosity was determined, by temperature control or by calculation.  In the more general usage however, these terms are used to describe if the measurement is important in itself or if it is an indicator of some other property. This is important in the case of density as so many applications are for “indirect” measurements such as %solids, concentration and the like. In such cases various factors need to be taken into consideration when designing an installation and especially with configuring the density computer.


Density measurement systems can vary significantly depending on the sensor chosen, the application and the process.  Most density sensors in pipeline applications will require to be installed in a bypass. For density measurements it is not essential that a pump is used as the density measurement is generally not flow sensitive (though the control response will be flow dependent). Some insertion type sensors can be used in side of pipe installations and in side of tank. Long stem versions allow  top of tank insertion.

The new LEMIS range of density meters includes versions for fixed tank installation, open tank, closed and pressurised tanks and underground (flooded) tanks, and in the portable sensors, both bench top  lab style analysers and tank dipping sensors.

LEMIS also produce a gas density sensor.

RMI can now supply both individual sensors and systems .

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