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INtegrity for vessels has many applications and compliments some other solutions for vessels such as FTI’s  FUSION™ Fuel Management and Accountability suite for single vessels and fleet operations.

The INtegrity CMV (Compliance Monitoring and Verification) application provides for fuel quality assurance during bunkering and INtegrity CERS (Continuous Emissions Reporting System) at the engine is intended to be a fully automated fuel identification, quality assurance and electronic log book solution for MARPOL and ISO14001 ystems.

Future developments are suites designed to assist in gaining acceptance under MARPOL for blend on board operations which includes blend to engine and Fuel Water Emulsion management.

The key to these systems is the Lemis inline digital viscometer for bunker monitoring and the for engine applications and a suite of complimentary sensors for tank dipping and offline measurements.

Inline Cylinder sensor

Portable - tank dipping sensor


Bench top vibrating cylinder sensor

Temperature controlled lab sensor

Portable - tank dipping sensor