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Welcome to Razaghi Meyer International (RMI)

RMI specialises in the supply of density and viscosity sensors and the design and supply of online density and viscosity process analyser systems for Marine and Power, Hydrocarbons and General Chemical Industries.

RMI Systems are custom designed to suit the application or process and the clients objectives.

Custom design ensures that the optimum performance is achieved and that process benefits are maximised.

RMI is responsible for interpreting the client requirements and for the design of the systems which are then sub-contract manufactured by systems integrators specialising in the particular industry for  which the system is intended. Where possible integrators chosen will be selected from the clients approved sub-contractors list to ensure that the integrator is familiar with the clients own standards.

RMI designed systems are usually for use in plant critical process applications where system design may have significant cost and performance benefits.

Petrochemical and General Chemical Industries:

RMI typically supplies systems based on density and viscosity analysers but may also supply systems designed around other precision analyser instruments.

Marine Industry:

RMI has special interests in marine fuel supply and use. Please follow the Integrity link for further information.


INTEGRITY Fuel Quality Assurance

Marine fuels: INtegrity Fuel quality Assurance Systems for use during bunkering, on barges and on vessels; for use on vessels at the engine.

INtegrity is a suite of solutions designed specifically to enable fuel suppliers and vessels to determine the fuel quality during bunkering and, as part of a Continuous Emissions Reporting System, to provide fuel quality assurance at the engine.

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New Spreadsheet:

Density 12MF.xls is the latest update of the hydrocarbon density calculator.

This is a variation on the density 12MD.xls spreadsheet in which the Volume Correction Factor issues are resolved and which now uses the naming conventions  from  ASTM D1298

This spreadsheet generally (but not exactly) follows the calculations set out in the Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards.

Both the MPMS and ASTM D1298 state that the calculation is now the standard.

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Razaghi Meyer International is a distributor for the LEMIS Process range of density, viscosity, level and flow measurement systems.

This range includes gas and liquid process density measurement, above and below ground fuel tank density systems,  process viscosity sensors and bench-top density and viscosity, and portable density and viscosity probes for tank dipping.

Other products include mass flow meter systems and concentration meters

For more details and to download data sheets,  please visit the LEMIS Process web site or visit here.


DC 52 ViscoAnalytic dual viscometer system.

Using two viscometers operating at different temperatures the ASTM D341 equation can be solved and used to determine the viscosity at a reference temperature, either a fixed reference temperature as required for product quality control, or a variable reference temperature as specified in pipeline dilution systems.


DC 52 ViscoAnalytic

Multi-Curve single viscometer solutions.

Using reference curves the viscosity at a